To go as you see fit

for-worse-in-sicknessDeath with Dignity

The end of life with worth and value

This is where I am with my grandmother. We see eye to eye on this point. From here forward it is about her comfort and care. The end is near and we both know it. She is working on the death part, I am working on the dignity.

we3Hospice Palliative care was called in rather than another trip to Hospital. Her legs are swelling up and the water pills are not removing the fluid fast enough, it is only a matter of time. She wants to be at home and I am doing everything I can to keep her there.

My father was there when my mother passed, my sisters were there with dad, it is my turn to be with my grandmother. I made that promise to her husband (my grandfather – Dziadek), over fifteen years ago. He knew back then that it would be me here when his wife passed over, rather than his son.

Final CollageFinalMoja cudowna Bopchie, ja cie kocham!




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