Why We Travel

RoadTrip17Route part1Fifty-five years ago my parents were married, beginning an adventure that ended way too soon. They had planned one final RV trek to visit Wyoming to see Yellowstone and Devil’s Tower then over to Mount Rushmore in South Dakoda. In their memory and to commemorate their 55th Anniversary, I have taken to the road in a rented Santa Fe to visit these places.

Tonight, I sit in a hotel room in Las Cruces, New Mexico watching my parent’s favorite TV show The Big Bang Theory. I’ve traveled from Clearwater, Florida through New Orleans, LA & Houston, TX arriving on the edge of the white sands dessert to begin my journey north.

Quote PostIt’s said we travel to come home with new eyes. Somewhere in the middle of Texas, while watching the landscape slowly transform from familiar to alien, I came to accept this new reality without my parents. I miss them immeasurably, some days more than others. Yet, as cacti and coyote became the norm of the landscape, I found them all around me. Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!!!



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