A Warren Report

washingtons-birthdayAs the country pauses to celebrate the birthday of our First President, in what has unofficially become known as President’s Day, I take a few moments to reach out of my cocoon. I haven’t had many complete thoughts to get a coherent blog out, even for myself. Yet, what was I thinking? Not much, everything, nothing at all, yes… I have been going through my parent’s papers.

cd1010056-7Steeped in the music and culture of 1962, the year my parents married, the last golden year of America. They were 21 and in-love, about to embark on an amazing life together. Dad was in the US Army and Mom had just graduated with a Cosmetology license. Collecting their life in photos, music, papers has lead me to deeper understandings of their past.

20140909_132408_zpsda96cee0In their record collection I found two albums by a Rusty Warren. This brash broad bounced her boobies blazingly through the bald boy’s band. Laying a foundation that many entertainers have built upon. Ms. Warren was a trailblazer. I recommend a viewing of these two clips to help celebrate your “Presidents” Day!

Trailer for– Knockers Up! Rusty Warren

Rusty Warren Bounce Your Boobies (A Patriotic Song)



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