Walking the Edge at Midnight…

lonely-benchAt the end of a road called Sunset Point is a park known as Edgewater. There along the path that lines the shore is a space in-between the Welcome to Clearwater & Dunedin signs. A place I like to call, No-Man’s Land.  It is where I go when I need to think.

alt19There is no better spot to empty my mind than this space at water’s edge. It is my bubble, the land between the cities, full of emptiness and darkness. Here I can bend reality and test all the possibilities. During tonight’s midnight walk  I pondered my future and the choice before me.

long-road-01“Live for today, tomorrow is never promised.” I’ve heard this a lot lately and I lived it through my Dad. While going through all that my parents left behind, I found something my Mother never finished. All the signs have been telling me to compete it. So, my sisters and I are in the beginning stages of getting that business done. I’ll be able to disclose more when we get closer to completing mom’s task. WWIT, that walking an Alternative highway at Midnight would bring me solace. More to come…



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