My Goal is to be Whole

img_9080I started to put “again” in the title, until I realized that I’ve never been whole. I have been growing since the powers of the Universe worked together the night I was conceived. Created in pure selfless unconditional love, by two so in love they couldn’t bare to be apart. Losing my makers too soon has had a profound effect on me. drawingthesailMost lose their parents sometime in their life, be it at birth or decades later. Rare is the time parents outlive their children (That is a hard burden to bare). I lost my parents within seven months. Loss is Life. As hard as this loss is, I need to accept this new reality and continue on with my Life’s journey.  Hoist the Sails!

forpostingI am Meehow Wujek now, Patriarch of the Dzwonkowski Family from the roots of Diane and Chester.  Tomorrow we have our first family event, a Sailboat Launch. This is the final mourning ceremony for our parent’s passing. We decorated the sails at Christmas, the first Holiday we celebrated without them both.  There is a Dog-tag Pendant securely fastened to the deck containing their ashes. All sails rigged and ready to go. Raise the anchor!img_9412

Sailing my parents off into the sunset brings closure to their life’s journey on this earth. It is time to take what I’ve learned within the 53 years I was raised. I can become the whole person I never was.  With my parents departed, I am Free to be the Man they raised. This is my new beginning. Embracing my new roles within the hierarchy of the family. I vigilantly take the helm of this Family Boat to steer to safely down the Rivers of Life.  Set Sail, Captain!




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