A Dziadek’s Wise Words

florida-national-cemetery-1-728As this posts- My family and I will be burying our Parents in the Florida National Cemetery. I’m still numb from all this loss. Yet, here I am placing them Both into a Columbarium in January of 2017.


Mom & Dad – Together Forever. This is the Second of Three services in their Memory. The Final one sets them Sailing into the Sunset.

My Dziadek conveyed to me the Importance of Ceremony many years ago. “We need the time to Remember, Celebrate, and Share.  There is Nothing more Important than Family”, he’d say.  

1.11.17 13:00 11.1.17


Chester 8.9.1941-12.5.2016~&~Diane 8.27.1941-4.28.2016 ~ Together Forever



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