messages for ourselves

3Three days in and 2016 still haunts me. I finally scheduled my father’s burial. He will be laid to rest in the Florida National Cemetery, with full military honors on 11 January, 2017. The magnitude of this date didn’t hit me until my sister, Debbie reminded me. I’ve been so focused on my Dad that it completely slipped my thoughts that we will be laying both our parents to rest with this service, WWIT?!

toy-loneliness-grief-sadness-autumn-nostalgia-coldGrief is a strange bedfellow. It makes you question everything, especially your own mortality. It grabs hold and just when you think you’ve shaken it off, it tightens its grip. With each loss my grief is at a different point. There is no order in which the “5 steps” are happening for me. The feelings of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and even acceptance fill my mind at all times for Mom, Dad and my Izzi. Focus eludes me.


Three days into 2016 I wrote the following on Facebook. Little did I know last year that I would need these words to get me through today:




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