Wonder at the Window

2016Finally, I am posting something new. Closing out 2016 and opening the door to 2017, yes it is just another number on a calendar. Yet, society places such an importance to the date it is submitted to our subconscious as a fixed point in time. Time to move forward, put the past year behind and make new goals. My logical mind understands all this, but my emotional and instinctual minds are arguing between Fight & Flight. A strange state of mind to be sure.

fullsizerender-copy-2Walking around my home today I glimpsed for the first time in a while, all that I have. Love surrounds me. Memories of my parents through the decades of Christmas ornaments on the tree. Each one a memory of “Last Christmas.” This time of year has always been bittersweet to me – the time to put Christmas away for another 11 months. Each ornament, tenderly removed from the tree wrapped and safe, ready to be remembered again next year.

fullsizerenderTonight begins the New, a New Year, a New Life, a New Country. Let’s hope my logical mind regains control, there is a lot to face in this New Year – Mom & Dad need to be buried, Bopchie’s affairs are now my responsibility and there is my career to which I must return.  Emotions have been in control since Christmas, tonight I’ll make a toast – To New Adventures and Growing Relationships- may they both be many and merry.  Here’s to 2017!



One thought on “Wonder at the Window

  1. Lovely and I know you can overcome and live the life that they gave you to enjoy and be happy. After all your legecy is not over my friend and you have history to will write ✨

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