A Christmas Wish from 2015

ball-2-writeArriving at my sister Teresa’s home for the family Christmas Celebration, my niece Christine hands us a slip of paper and asks us to write our “Christmas Wish or Best Christmas Memory” upon it. We were then instructed to enclose this wish inside an ornament ball for the tree. These will be opened and read next Christmas, we are told. Christine’s project made me ponder.

ball-writtenEvery Christmas has its own memories, moments we cherish and recollect as we gather through the years. Some memories are captured in pictures (from the B&W prints of my youth to pics posted on Facebook today), yet, most memories are found in our hearts. The memories of past Christmases fill us heart & soul, with joy, happiness and sorrow. As soon as I was queried, EVERY Christmas memory flooded my mind.

ball-2-closeIt’s because we gather as a family at this same point in time, every year.  In doing so, we create markers in our lives and the memories associated with those markers are carried forward within us. Every year the gathering gets bigger as the family grows, yet we find that some years one or two are missing. Throughout this evening new memories were created, celebrated and collected. Yet the memories of this Christmas were already hanging within the ornaments on this year’s tree. By bringing our deepest wishes and memories to the surface, we enshrined another Christmas, this Christmas, for our future selves.

My Christmas Wish is that there are More guests than Balls next Christmas.

(photos by – Teresa Lucas)



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