all is merry and bright

long-hoChristmas Eve/Sarajevo-

Twenty years ago this Christmas classic was released. Then it was an homage to war torn Sarajevo, today I sorrowfully add Aleppo to the title.  We always seem to rescue ourselves from the madness we create. Yet, not before way too many lose their lives. I begin my Christmas every year with this song, to remember that peace is elusive, fragile and needed.   



A song that has been part of my Winter canon since college, Nollaig (the Gaelic word for Christmas). The melody has always haunted me and brings tears to my eyes every listen. Hearing it this year, the tones of this tune hit my heart heavy.  I present this one for my mother.  


long-hoCarol of the Bells-

There is no other song that gets me in the holiday spirit like the Carol of the Bells, (also found in the first selection). I have yet to find a version I do not like. This is a newer one and I like it quite well. Time to finish decorating my house. May the coming light, brighten your lives now and throughout the New Year.



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