When Hope is Lost

four-purple-advent-candles-two-litWhile Love may be all we need, it wouldn’t thrive without Hope. When Hope is lost two things can happen, you turn toward that love or away from it. It is when we turn away from love, that radicalization begins. I have chosen to turn toward Love and face my Lost Hope.

Nothing will stop my father’s deteriorating health. His condition is hopeless, he will die soon. Being with my father these last six weeks, has strengthened my relationship with God. I have always been a spiritual person. My faith has many doors, some unopened. Dad helped me to open one I shut long ago.  Within it I discovered that there is always hope, buried deep in the One love for All.second-sunday-of-advent-lighting-candles-clipart

Strong as Chester Jr. was in the Honor Guard back in 1963, he hides the physical pain well. It’s his emotional pain that he wears on his sleeve now. As he struggles to accept his mortality, the well wishes & greetings from Friends and Family grow harder & harder to endure. He knows that his walk in the woods, his communion, his goodbye could all be their last. I will attend mass tomorrow in my father’s stead, for the second Sunday of Advent. Today I walk in my father’s footsteps. 



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