a gathering of LOVE


Everything is ready, everyone has gathered. Chester Francis Dzwonkowski Jr.’s family is by his side. I have done my best to make sure my father has had the best care since his emergency subdural hematoma surgery. Dr. Christopher Mickler saved my father’s life in October, he was the only doctor to make sure I knew what he was doing, he was open and honest about his truths of my father’s condition. Everything else was I fight to discover.1-dad I am truly grateful for ALL those who work for Hospice, worldwide. I wish we would have contacted you sooner. These last three days have been a welcome respite to the agony of fighting Goliaths.  The following songs sum up my journey to date. Tomorrow starts another one…


I’ve got all my sisters with me

Love dares you to change your way of caring

And as you slip away, I’m waiting here  For everything to change – Love Reigns Supreme





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