Again The Answer Comes From the Garden

In the Garden, every stage of life is happening simultaneously. From taking the seeds from the dying flowers, the sprouts and transplants – growth, birth and death are always happening. I finally got a moment in the Memory Garden today. Transforming it from the colors of Fall to those of Christmas.

img_8638It was an exhausting day. I canceled appointments, arraigned travel home for my baby sister, let my supervisor know all my passcodes to do my work while I’m out and watched my father receive the sacraments of communion and of the sick (formally known as ‘last rites’). I was tired by 3 o’clock. Yet when I returned home and stepped in the Garden I got the energy to accomplish this transformation.

img_8659Tonight is my night with dad, watching over him as he sleeps. When I arrived I showed him a video of Bradley and these pictures you see from the Garden. He loved tonight’s sunset. He always stopped to admire the Garden and how it grows and constantly changes. Every time I need reminding of the meaning of life I just need to step into the garden and remember.




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