Careless Whispers

In less than 24 hours, Empath Health has sent a Nurse twice and delivered the proper equipment my father should have received the day he left rehab.  After watching him attempt to walk this week, I now know why he couldn’t maneuver the walker. He was trained in Physical Therapy to operate a “Dual Function Transport Wheelchair/Walker” and he got this- walkerThat’s like being trained to make Big Macs at McDonalds on your first day of work and expected to “drop a 20” at KFC the next. That is how this entire month has played out.

walker3000Remember the childhood game “Telephone”? Well, it continues to be played by our Healthcare providers. The level of miscommunication between hospital and skilled nursing facility, from Rehab to PCP to consumer (patient) and back, has been abhorrent. It wasn’t until the Non-Profit was brought in, that Care actually began. What does this say of “For-Profit” care? It’s all about the bottom line and that line means caring less. WWIT?! Shouldn’t we care?

Our system is broken and it has been for a long time. Profit needs to be removed from the equation. It should be morally repugnant to profit off care. Because care for profit couldn’t care less.


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