Cancel Chemo, I’m Going Fishing!

hqdefaultWe all die, this is the biggest truth we avoid our entire lives. Yet, as soon as we face this fact we can begin to truly live. I have spent most of November fighting doctors, corporations, and bureaucracies, finding out why my father almost died in October. Come December, I’m going to spend my Days with Dad.

empathhDeciding to employ Empath Health for my father’s care was a hard decision for the family to make. WWIT?! After our evening with the intake nurse they should have been called weeks ago. They will help make sure dad receives top notch care; from nurses, therapist and doctors. It’s all covered by Medicare- no supplemental insurance needed. img_1163And dad gets to stay home with family and do anything in which he is physically capable. He will be comfortable in a place filled with love all for him.

milkshake-beachThe family has a condo week on Daytona Beach in early December, I’m hoping Chester can go for a few days. Instead of scheduling treatments, we can be sipping a milkshake on the beach.  Instead of cleaning up soiled sheets, clothes and towels, we can be fishing off the pier. There are still moments to be had and memories to make. Dad and I begin our plans today, after mass of course.


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