it’s all grey area

20150517-pancake-primaryToday was a good day. Dad & Ezra let me sleep in until 7:30, waking me up for pancakes at IHOP. Dad had been talking “small stack” for weeks.  We three had a delightful time keeping our waitress laughing and blushing the entire meal. Every day is a new day and each day we gather together to map it out. Today included two therapy sessions; speech and physical and two visitors; my sister Cindy and cousin Libby. There was cleaning and cooking and even a trip to the grocery while Dad visited with his daughter and niece. We even got in a Doctor Who episode. It was a great day.

Today was my first real visit with my cousin, Libby. The first time we met was in 2000 at our grandfather’s burial in Arlington Cemetery, she was 7. It was my mother’s passing last spring that brought our paths together again. Today was our first real visit since re-meeting as adults. cool-text-203522098114774WWIT?! I have a favorite cousin now! Not growing up together, yet having the same family is making it easier to relate to each other as adults. Today’s visit even touched on spirituality. I gave Libby my stock answer, “Everything.”  I Believe – every faith, religion and creed is part of the whole and everything is ultimately bound by love. Eleven years ago, I wrote the following blessing for our family’s Christmas Eve Celebration. In it you will find my spirit, Libby:

Blessing for December 24, 2005

We Gather This Evening, As Families Have For Thousands of Years. The Reasons May Have Changed Over the Centuries, But We Still Gather, In the Dark of the Year, To Celebrate The Birth of Light~

Tonight we Honor that Light as the Son of God 

This Evening my Prayer is This:

May This Light, Fill Us All With

Happiness, Peace and Love


May This Light, Grow Stronger With

Each and Every Day of the New Year

(Debbie- this clip is the original context in which this song was first introduced to the world. It is from the movie “Meet Me in St. Louis” sung by Judy Garland. This is the family’s last Christmas before moving away from decades of roots.)


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