Inconclusive Means More to Come

Dad-Sun CollageToday the two week frenzy of getting my father to an oncologist ended. While this visit didn’t yield many answers, it has sparked more questions. As the oncologist read the notes from his colleagues on the MRI done at hospital, he found nothing to suggest that cancer had actually metastasized to his brain, yet. But MRI’s are not conclusive, next step is a PET scan.

You would think this would be simple enough, order the test, get it done and read the results. WWIT?! Our issue is the insurance corporation holds the purse-strings to pay for this test. Understand, Dad was 60 miles “out of network” when the Emergency happened and therefore his insurance will not approve any post-hospital care until his Primary Care Physician (PCP in Hernando County) approves it. pet_ctThing is, Dad is not going back to that PCP, he lives with me now. A PCP change won’t take effect until Dec 1st. I have an appointment with that new PCP on Dec 5th. In that first visit we need to get the approval for a PET scan that needs to be done by our next oncologist apt on Dec 7th. There is nothing I can do to speed up the corporation’s bureaucratic process. These dates must be followed.

bradleyIt is even worse than that, today’s visit did not get approved buy “Evil-Corp”, so it cost us $300 out of pocket. We are trapped in an indemnity enigma lasting until Dec 31st. It is open enrollment time and all insurance plans change on Jan 1.  Let’s hope the mass in his right lung is Stage 1 or 2 Cancer (instead of the 4 we were lead to believe in hospital). For now the cancer clock has been set back to inconclusive. Yet the journey continues to find the cause of the Subdural Hematoma. There are many more doctors to visit. To end this on a positive note – Dad comes home from rehab tomorrow! I can’t wait to reunite him with Bradley.



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