Three gems from Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond music has been a part of the Dzwonkowski family since the late 1960’s. His music was the soundtrack to my childhood and it can move me still today. I found myself listening to these three today…


Is from the film Johnathan Livingston Seagull. This begins my trio- a story of enlightenment that most didn’t understand when it was released in 1973. At ten it profoundly affected me, the music, images and story all starting me questioning. I has constantly wondering why I was different from most other guys. I have always been Johnathan, seeking to be better than I was created.

Be as a page that aches for a word that speaks on a theme that is timeless


Is part of “The African Trilogy” found on the Tap Root Manuscript album. We loved this music as children, my sisters and I always sang along to I am the Lion, unfortunately I couldn’t find a good video of that part. Soolaimon is the heart of the Trilogy and very uplifting.

God of my Want, lord of my need, leading me on…

God of my day, lord of my night, seek for the way…. to take me home.


iamisaidsleeveI am, I said

Classic Neil Diamond.


I’ve got an emptiness deep inside, that I’ve tried but won’t let me go

I am, I cried, I am, said I, I am lost and I can’t even say why…



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