Father Knows Best

nineDad occupies my waking thoughts and nightly dreams. I am doing my best to bring him home. One day soon he will be sitting beside Ezra at the piano with his accordion, playing a duet for the cats (all 3 of them). He and I will be watching Doctor Who- every episode and sitting outside on a starry night by the fire pit. The family will be over for Thanksgiving and next month we’ll all be at Teresa’s for Christmas.

dadsThis is my prayer, my hope and my goal. He gets stronger every day, of this I am delighted. I told him rehab was for two weeks. After that, he will come home. Today was day five, nine remain. It takes a lot of energy to cross all the “T’s” and dot all the “I’s.”  Both our brains are overworked.

dad-meToday’s visit was business. I had to keep him up past his bedtime to get all the paperwork finished. He got it done with a smile. Tomorrow I will bring him a Milkshake from Culver’s after PT. I’ll be with him in the morning, I have meetings with the social worker and other health care “providers” to keep the continuity of his care in place. To whomever becomes our president tonight (or next week depending on Florida), look out for this voter. Healthcare Reform has become my political issue- no terminally ill person and their families should be subjected to what cool-text-203522098114774I have over the past two weeks. What was I thinking this for-profit business would actually care for its customers…I mean patients? It should be called Heath-consumer instead of healthcare.




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