No one has Forever, we only have Moments

3Today I took a deep breath and let the news that my father isn’t going to be with us much longer settle to the pit of my stomach. If last Tuesday’s emergency brain surgery wasn’t enough, this week the true reason for the subdural hematoma was discovered. Brain Cancer.

don-quixoteWith no advance directives found, my sister’s and I gathered to discuss our feelings about Dad’s journey home to be with Mom.  They fell in love in high school, created five amazing children and lived a very exciting, full and loving life together. Great loves typically don’t survive the loss of their mate. Living without the one person who knows you better than anyone can be too hard to endure. Chet and Diane’s love was unsurpassed.

There will be time to mourn later, when I’m finally able to exhale. That could be as early as next month. Yet no longer than 6 (according to multiple doctors). Why was I thinking he’d be with us forever? No one has forever, we only have moments. So from this moment forward, I will be making as many memories as possible with my Father.



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