Zombies in NICU

us_29The Midway Point between the Equinox of Autumn and the Winter Solstice lies the Day of the Dead. All Souls Day, Samhain, All Hollow’s and Halloween have labeled this day for centuries. It is a day to honor ancestors through mourning, remembering and celebration. Some believe the veil between the two worlds is thinnest and contact with those who have passed is possible. Whatever the reason, this day remains sacred throughout the world.

07brody-tmagarticleI’m hoping for a message from my mother. I need help and guidance regarding the health and care of her husband and my father, Chester. He had emergency surgery this week to remove subdural-hemorrhage-evacuation-lg“an impressive” blood clot from a subdural hematoma on the left side of his brain. Three days hence his recovery from this procedure is on target for someone his age. It is going to be a long slow road in getting next to normal again.

I’ve been researching what’s ahead for the family. This is going to be like Alzheimer’s in reverse. As dad’s memories and brain functions return, so too will the man we all know and love. When visiting today, I discovered what he was thinking.cool-text-203522098114774 He had me capture a video of him wishing his Mother a “Happy Birthday.” Tomorrow I travel north to grandmother’s house to celebrate her 98th. Dad wanted to make sure she had a birthday wish from him too. And that was his idea! I was delighted to comply. Perhaps he’s further along the road than expected?


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