a bumpy ride in life

16I’ve been thinking about a lot lately; the cacophony from the candidates is deafening, the holidays are quickly approaching and the daily grind of life keeps pushing me forward. Trying to get my thoughts into words is too much right now. I have plateaued in my “recovery” so the doctor is increasing my dosages. She shares my mindfulness of the approaching holiday seasons.

cool-text-203522098114774Today, I was thinking about those who judge me because of a few particularly translated verses in their Bible. I find the general hypocrisy of the act disturbing. Especially when it comes to the Ten Commandments – The ‘Christian law’ upon which this country is allegedly founded. As with all the laws in Exodus, modern Christians take what they want and deny that which doesn’t fit into their lives. We hate the homosexual because we are told, yet we do not curtail basic human rights for those who wear two different fabrics or eat shellfish. Crimes have been made of stealing, murdering and adultery, yet God’s Law of Coveting seems to be forgotten. 

The Capitalist economic system thrives on our desires to want that which belongs to another. Because we wish to be like our neighbors, we consume and crank up the cogs of the capitalist’s contraption. Yet this very act is so frowned upon by God. My acts of loving get more attention than your acts of coveting. Those who remain in opposition to the very fact that I exist, grow louder as their numbers dwindle. There is still a long way to go for social acceptance.



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