Bring Bernie Back

3With just over a month before the general election in which we choose the next President of these United States, I still remain on the fence as to whom I will vote. Trying to find the truth this election cycle is like trying to find Waldo on the last page. There are a great deal of red and white striped shirts out there, where is the actual one? This November’s ballot is going to be “yuge”! How is a voter to make an informed decision when most information is infested with mistruths?

american-voting-booth-grangerI was introduced to the American political system in 1972 when my mother volunteered to assist the local community center on Election Day. The voting machines were monstrous, huge metal booths with dozens of levers all behind a navy blue curtain for privacy. I remember sitting beside mom as several dozen booths were unloaded from the delivery trunk. They looked like the computer monsters I saw the night before on Lost in Space. My political beliefs started then. Mom said it was the duty of every citizen to vote and she taught me how to accept the winner even when your vote wasn’t cast for them.

Election campaigns weren’t very long back then and the three television networks actually were required to present all sides of the debate for both national and regional elections. The local CBS affiliate had time allotted every program for political or social commentary. That’s when Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley and Harry Reasoner were in their prime. cool-text-203522098114774Why was I thinking the political process would progress over the decades? Instead we have news for profit which ‘sells’ us anything to get us to watch their biased commentary and programs. Once my ballot arrives in the mail, the daunting task of casting my vote awaits. There must be ways of sifting through this din of discourse masquerading as information to make an informed decision. Let’s discover them together.




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