Another Month Over, Stepping into October

wwitselfieWhat was I thinking? When I started blogging I was fulfilling a promise made to my mother. Over the last four months I’ve exposed my first steps in this world without her. At my mother’s memorial pool party, Dad shared that Diane was his cement, she held everything together. She held me together too. Navigating to my first post and reading forward, reflects how much I’ve grown. I’ve learned a lot, yet know there is so much more to discover.   

What was I thinking this would be easy? Blogging is a different animal, it’s a multimedia experience, with pictures, music and video. It’s a lot to absorb for a beginner. I will continue to blog, don’t get me wrong. However, I’m going to scale back a bit as I revisit my opening statement. “Every day my mind wanders and those ramblings will most likely end up here. First I will examine a topic (from current events to personal reflection) from all sides – left, right and all around. Then I will collect my thoughts and express them here.” words

What was I thinking anyone would read what I write? It seems reading is becoming a lost art. Truth has become elusive and American’s have become complacent. Everything is sponsored and fed to us and we believe what we want without digging deeper to find the facts (my Facebook friends like this blog in that forum, yet rarely “click” the link to read its entirety). We are no longer citizens, we are consumers. Being considered and labeled as such makes the way we spend our money more powerful than the vote we cast. So, what am I thinking? A lot! There is much more to come.



2 thoughts on “Another Month Over, Stepping into October

  1. My comments here are pro blogging, but people need to be hungry for words, and not just their words. I try to think of words as sacred. Maybe I should spend more time really listening and less talking.


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