More Banned Books to Read

sept28thOn my shelf today are three uniquely inspiring and dangerous books. Two are actually collections, one of fiction and the other of faith. The third treatise is a scientific theory that has sparked more debate than the other two combined. Today’s trio of tomes take in Darwin, Dickens and the Bible.

bbw16webad160x600I find it ironic that with our First Amendment there are those who continue to challenge a version of the Bible with words not suited to their interpretation of the translation.  Between my First Communion and Confirmation I had a game I’d play. I would take bible verses from my catechism books, go to the public library and look that same verse up in 3-5 different translations. I was astonished to find vast variances . Dickens’ stories on the other hand, are the same in every edition you can find. Written to be read aloud- as he wrote his character’s dialect into each page. When Oliver Twist or Great Expectations is read aloud, the language of the 1800’s comes alive. Another banned author used the same technique when he penned Huckleberry Finn, giving us the language of the south.

infographic-wherePublished one hundred and fifty seven years ago, Darwin’s Origin of Species still sparks deep feelings, even as modern scientists discover through DNA research that the order of evolution is mapped out in the bible. They don’t contradict each other, they complement. All humans have been traced to a single migration from Africa about 75,000 years ago. What does keeping the knowledge from others accomplish? Mostly control, remember what Orwell said about it? Power!


Which Banned Books have you read today?


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