Banned Books to Read

sept27thRIF- is alive and well. I remember their reading campaign as a child-Reading is Fundamental. Their logo shown after every episode of – Sesame St., Mr. Rogers and The Electric Co. I always donated my gently used books to them as I out grew the earlier editions. Books aren’t meant to collect dust, they are made to read. Sharing a book can be a very intimate exchange. I would send my stories into the world to those unable to get books- hoping those books entertain and educate another as they did me. I’m glad to see RIF continuing their work. A worthy cause to promote during Banned Books Week.

classicsWhile doing research for my part in this week’s celebration, I took to my shelves and found many banned and challenged books there. 451 degrees, the temperature in which paper burns. Ray Bradbury’s classic was my first. I discovered it in fifth grade (ten years old). The story frightened me, a world where Firemen burned books. I read 1984 in 1978, it came true in 2001. Oddly enough, I didn’t read Salinger until I was 50. It’s hard to read as an adult, especially with so many variations of the basic story  being told from different views for years. Catcher in the Rye seemed cliché, and outdated compared to what is seen on demand today. What are they thinking in challenging the angst and unrest of a youthful mind? Salinger’s tome still appears on the annual lists of the most challenged books of any year.


I welcome any thoughts about these three Banned Books and encourage you to leave a comment about how one or all of them have affected you in your life. After all, this is what reading is for, to challenge our complacency and encourage us to enrich ourselves with a new perceptive of life. What Banned Book did you read today?



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