The Cusp of Balance

22As creatures of categorization and classification we have continuously charted Earth’s course as it circumnavigates the sun. This morning at 4:21 eastern daylight time, the Autumnal Equinox was reached, our planet is now facing the sun in perfect balance and alignment. Fifty three years ago today, I was born.

img_1246Three years ago I made a pilgrimage to Stonehenge. It started out as a cloudy dreary morning, as most do in England. I boarded the coach at Victoria Station at 8:00 and settled in for the two and a half hour ride into the Salisbury Plain.  Being my first time in the UK, my eyes never stopped taking in the alien countryside. Only diverting my gaze long enough to spot my journal and jot down my thoughts. By the time we reach the monument, the rain had stopped. Outside the visitor center is the only stone you can touch, over five thousand years old and just a piece of what was yet to be seen. There are no words to express what happened as the infamous stones came into site. The clouds parted and the sun’s rays lit up the area in magnificent splendour. Basking in the sunshine at Stonehenge. My perceptions of life changed that day.

img_1279Facing thousands of years of history puts your life into perspective. Three years on I’m beginning to realize the lessons I learned that day. It’s the unplanned days that are more exciting than the planned. After Stonehenge the tour continued in Bath. There I got lost and almost missed the coach back to London. cool-text-203522098114774What was I thinking? Bath wasn’t even on my must see list, it was my friend Helen’s idea. Yet, next to seeing Alison Moyet in concert, it was the best day of my trip. If we allow ourselves to witness life from all points of view, we see a bigger picture . . . (to be continued)



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