Never Let an Errant Thought Fester

15Speculation is a mood killer – getting a whiff of a second-hand conversation begins to race the mind. What was that? Exactly, the news just heard is only the “What” of the situation, the Where, When and Why wasn’t mentioned. More information is needed. This is the trouble with Gossip, only one piece of the puzzle has been presented. It takes more than one to figure out what is being put together.

puzzle01When handed one piece – it isn’t very clear what is to come. This piece is very dark, almost black. The final picture could be a garden or a waterfall. There isn’t enough information on one piece to decipher anything.puzzle02

puzzle03As illustrated with these puzzle pieces, it isn’t until you have 9 pieces together that something begins to take shape. It’s looking very dark, are monsters lurking there, is disaster ahead or is there light at the end of the tunnel? More information is still needed.


Long before the pieces are assembled, I begin to speculate, extrapolate and interpolate. My mind takes me to the worst case scenario – then my mood instantly falls to a depressing low. And all because I’ve conjectured all the conceivable outcomes. cool-text-203522098114774What am I thinking? I need to be gathering the particulars before my mind reacts. Anything can happen… it has and it still does. I can’t possibly be ready for everything.  Yet I must let the facts fall into place and let the full image emerge before taking action. The final outcome may be a pleasing one after all.



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