Wipe the Slate Clean

triskaidekaphobia-13thTriskaidekaphobia affects about 10% of the population. Yet more people will call out sick from work on the 13th than any other day. If this were a Friday the focus would be on Paraskevidekatriaphodia and the US would suffer a loss of nearly 1 billion in worker productivity. I’ve never understood this deep seeded fear, for me 13 is always lucky and Friday the 13th is always a payday!  

f8752ede4f3e9e96312a6a89c1804323September 13th brings me a new beginning this year in the shape of a 2013 Toyota Camry. I start on the road to a better credit score with this car as I rebuild my finances after total collapse last year. I only need to make 13 consecutive on time payments and I’ll be able to trade in this White Wolf in for a newer car at an attractive interest rate. It was tough watching ‘ole Blue drive away


In 2013 I turned 50 and began my year of Blue. Everything I purchased that year, from shirts, pants, glasses and accessories had a sapphire shade. It was during this time a purchased a New Blue Malibu. If you haven’t been in a 2014 or newer Malibu, you owe it to yourself to check them out. Mine was a delight to drive and the options made me feel as if I were in a high-in Lexus. For the first time in my life I’m going to miss a car. What am I Thinking? In 13 months when I trade this “clean-slate” in, I can get another Malibu, the 2016’s are downright Hot!




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