3’s Company


September brings with it falling leaves and a distinctive change for me. To say that 2016 will be a milestone year is an understatement. Life is change and has a lot since January. Mom, Dad and Ezra- all three have their sway with me.


I am sure you have noticed my affinity for all things three.  It is how my mind works, I can fault my mother for this mindset. She emphasized that it took three points-of-view to get to the truth. As a child that influence started with the Holy Trinity. The power of 3 has been by my side since.

Power-of-three.jpgWhat was I thinking that this blog stuff would catch on? This is my third, three-part three-paragraph blog post and 30th overall. This is merely the beginning, there is more to come. Ezra and I have a third again, this time it is my father. Now this is a triad I can live with. Two broke guys and a father, taking one day at a time proving that three is company.



One thought on “3’s Company

  1. Ted and I have been friends with your Mom & Dad for 9 years through aour motorhome club. Your Mom is missed by all. The two of them were quite the characters.
    What a great gesture to have your father move in with you. Kudos to Ezra. Your father is lucky to have such a loving son.

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