1 Day at a Time

Number 1_Orange Fuzzy

September, for most is a Transitional Month. Summer hasn’t officially ended but Schools are back in session and Halloween seems a bit far away. In between is My Birthday. I was born on the Equinox, on the Cusp of Virgo & Libra, two months before the day President Kennedy was Assassinated.  I am of my parents, Chester and Diane. Together their boundless love for each other created five amazing lives. I am their first.


I am a Polish-Irish American, although that is an over simplification of my European roots. My mother’s family arrived in America when the Irish were considered the “Mexican immigrant problem” of the day. With Dad’s family arriving a bit later, yet prior to the start of World War I. Both families arrived Indentured. And both families worked themselves to the Edge of the Middle Class. My parents were Pioneers of the 1950’s and left their native Massachusetts to immigrate to Florida in 1968. What Were They Thinking?


I consider myself a True Floridian because my parents arrived here BD- Before Disney. With three of my Sisters being born in Tampa, not having A/C at home until 1978 & Dad having worked on building WestShore Plaza, the Dzwonkowski’s qualify as having their Roots in Tampa Bay. I did spend a time of my life away from Florida, mostly in Atlanta prior to the 1996 Olympics. When I returned to Florida, I settled in Pinellas Country where I’ve been for 18 years. My Family is here, my  Life is here and From here I take it, One Day at a Time.


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