The Prime Directive

Today is Primary day in Florida, make sure to take time to vote. Everyone registered to Vote should be submitting a Ballot, either prior by Mail, Early Voting or going to a Polling Place today. Florida is a Closed Primary State, yet the Ballot contains local Non-partisan races to be decided by All Voters. As a registered Independent, my primary ballot contained 2 Judge and 2 Schoolboard positions as well as an Amendment to our State Constitution.Primary-ElectionsAs a citizen I take my duty to vote solemnly, another attribute of mine attributed to my mother. “The Government doesn’t ask much from us as citizens”, she’d say. “As a Citizen paying your fair share of Taxes, you should also be Voting for your Representation of those taxes. Democracy doesn’t work without Participation.” Yet, According to statistics I gathered from the US Elections Project, only 26% of eligible voting-aged people in America participated in the choosing of Clinton & Trump for this upcoming Presidential election. America, this is despicable. How can we “spread democracy” to the world, when here at home we aren’t practicing what we preach? Only 1 in 4 eligible voters should be ashamed that only 26% cared enough to cast a ballot, What Were the other 74% Thinking? Apathy should be its own deadly sin, because apathetic citizens in a Republic have no representation in their own government. I sure hope that all my friends, family and followers eligible to vote are registered and exorcising that privilege today. If you haven’t registered to vote yet, do so. While you can’t vote today, you can in November. In Florida you have until Oct 7th to register. Just click here. This is how we take America back, with our votes. All of them!

Primary Collage


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