Childhood’s End (Arthur C Clarke)

A few weeks back I did a trio of posts to honor my father on his birthday. In three days’ time it will be my Mother’s 75th birthday. I need to get working!

It is said the first year is the hardest. Facing this birthday hasn’t been easy, only my writing has kept me sane. Through my journaling I have been able to be with her. As I remember and write down all that comes to me, I get lost in my words and actually feel my mother with me.

My mother’s greatest gift to me was the love of the written word. From the books I was surrounded with growing up, to my first steps in a public library- mom and I always talked books. I miss those talks. What was I thinking when I picked the title to this blog? That my childhood is now officially over and the story is about getting prepared for a new direction in life, existence, being. That’s where I stand now, at my childhood’s end…(to be continued)


One thought on “Childhood’s End (Arthur C Clarke)

  1. At least you know what ended. For me it was our couplness. In a way that isn’t quite true. Through faith I can still hear, see her, feel her. I’m still here alone baby steps. Listening with my mouth shut, then maybe I’ll get to see what happens.


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