With Lemons you get Lemonade, with Spilled Coffee you get…

I have a refreshing pitcher of ice cold lemonade ready for my guests today. Here, sit down and have a glass… Last night as I came down to feed the cats for dinner, I entered the kitchen. There, I discovered coffee left in the carafe from the morning brew. I poured the lukewarm liquid into my “Show Girl Must Go On” mug. This is a precious reminder of a wonderful trip to Las Vegas taken for Ezra’s birthday a few years back. So into the microwave my mug went for a 33 sec boost. Yet before mug made it into microwave, I lost my grasp and it crashed to the stove top below. Spills, splashes and spurts of warm dark coffee spotted everywhere.

My first instinct was to check the mug, did it break? OMG… it has to have broken, that was a long drop… look at this mess… it’s everywhere… OTG … the mug is safe, it didn’t break. I quickly put the Object of my Memory in a safe place- we put a lot of power into these trinkets as we treasure them all throughout our lives. We are collectors of a surfeit of souvenirs. Yet when they break, we are broken too. So when Objects of Memory come into our lives from others as gifts given or bestowed, losing those items can be even harder. It’s as if we’ve lost that person again. But why are we thinking this way? The artifact is only a reminder of the Memory of that person, it is Us who holds that Memory inside. We’ve merely focused our memory into these objects and empowered them enormously.

The mess behind me wasn’t getting any cleaner. So as I tossed my arms in the air and spun around, I began the task at hand. Why was I so worried that the mug might have broken, how would I be feeling if it had? Should I be feeling anything, why am I thinking so much about a cup? It’s in the aftermath of an accident, as we are assessing how we are going to tackle the repercussions, when we discover our true selves. This mess brought a nicely rearranged, clean from top to bottom, stovetop area and  I also discovered I have mementoes all over the place, Objects of My Memory…OOMM’s

Clean Oven.


One thought on “With Lemons you get Lemonade, with Spilled Coffee you get…

  1. Why indeed do we act this way? I think it is because our minds get occupied from the inside with stuff that cause us to not pay attention to the present. I guess I’m full of it today. Some time I over think things too. I guess it is just one of those things, or is it?

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