What’s Love Got to Do With It

We have great capacity to Love, yet most don’t seem to have the endurance to nurture that Love throughout a Lifetime. The minute things get Rough we are told to think of ourselves and forget the relationship, its toxic. If you are not happy, then making someone else unhappy will make you happy, I don’t think it works that way. When you Love, it must come with Truth or else that Love won’t grow and when two people pledge their lives to each other, they don’t simply walk away when the “better” turns to “worse.”

Disillusion has a way of veiling our own eyes from our own Truths. Nonetheless, just as Don Quixote beheld Aldonza as Dulcinea, true Love breaks through our masks and exposes our true beauty to those true to love. We have to have Faith that it will happen and it does. When we put our Faith in Love and Truth, we find our life’s journey that more amiable and Love has everything to do with it.

All this I have learned with my Father in three months. Imagine what’s to come. While this may be my Dad’s Birthday, I seem to have the better gift. I look forward to many more discussions and journeys (We are planning a trip together for next summer to see the Solar Eclipse). I never know what to think about Life, it never gives us what we want. Yet, it always seems to give us what we need. Happy 75th Birthday Day, Dad. Here’s to many more!



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