The Name of the Game

Everyone seems to be playing their own game, with rules only they appear to know. Most of those games happen behind masks. Different faces for different people. Each to hide their true selves so that their inner child doesn’t get hurt. When we lie to ourselves, we begin to believe that lie and bring ourselves further from the truth. Then when we do encounter love from another, we immediately start juggling our masks to hide our true selves even further from that truth. We close ourselves from being able to nurture any true loving feelings.

My father proclaims the truth will keep you free and he is correct. If truth is expressed from the beginning and remains a goal in your life, then there never needs to be a game to hide behind. Yet the fear of being hurt, betrayed, rejected make us reach for those masks every time. What was I thinking that I was invulnerable to these games, I have my own masks too?

So, isn’t this all a part of our struggle? As life hits us and hurts us, do we not don masks to hide that pain? It’s practically human nature. Life isn’t for the weak. It takes strength to face these pains daily, pain is our only constant in life and the game seems to be hiding it. That’s it! If the name of the game is Life, then its goal is love. (To be continued) . . .



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