Games People Play

August is ascribed as the inaugural month of my autobiography. The narrative begins with my Dad, who was born on August 9th. As I have tried to figure out an appropriate gift for the man reaching his Diamond Birthday, I can think of no better one than this reflection of our relationship. Recently our relationship (that has been developing for near 53 years), has radically changed. In these last 3 months it has seen an astounding transformation.

Being in each other’s daily lives gives us new opportunities to explore our life’s journey together. A lot has transpired since I left home in 1981 to attend college and he and I have been playing catch up. Three principal themes keep coming to the forefront, Love, Truth and Faith.  From my father I have learned that we should love unconditionally with all our heart, always tell the truth in everything and that you must still honor your faith even as you are questioning it.

What was I thinking that I didn’t have anything left to learn from dad? Truth is inevitable and always returns to the surface. Lies lead to anguish, especially when we lie to ourselves. Yet, why do people play games with the truth? Truth seems to be elusive for us both, especially from the people we meet. They all seem to be playing some kind of game. So, if we are all playing games, than what is that game? (To be continued). . .

Dad at 75


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