Astronotus ocellatus

There is a seventh member to the household that many do not know. On the split landing of the stairs to our second floor stands a near 40 gallon fish tank. Within this aquarium resides our three year old Tiger Oscar officially known as Tigger, yet affectionately known as – Fishy.

Fishy was a reluctant adoption, it happened when a former housemate left him behind. Back then he was a wee two inches long and had many mates. As Fishy grew, he ate everything in the tank, friends, plants and snails included. Now the only living thing with him is the green growth on the rocks, décor and glass. In case you didn’t know, Oscars are kin to Piranhas and have small teeth. They also have a personality, which feels odd to say about a fish. But it proves to me that all life has its purpose and is more sentient than we’ve ever thought.

Most fish that I’ve had in the past only responded at feeding time and only to the food. Fishy seems to want more. Feeding him is a game, Fishy likes to get a running start to “surprise” his prey when he feeds. He will follow my hand as I get his food bag, watching every move. When I finally toss in the pellets he will swim low to the bottom and thrust up to gulp them down with vivacious vigor! He hides when he hears loud noises in the house, the thunder and usually the clanking of dishes as they are getting clean. For a fish that grew to 10 inches long (and can grow up to 18), he gets frightened a lot. He must be watching the News again. He knows how to splash his tail with such force that you’d think he’d jumped out of the tank. He’s trying to get someone’s attention, he’s lonely and desires a game of stare and sway.  He craves companionship, which is a trait we all share. Too bad he’s eaten all his friends. Is there an Oscar Rescue Society somewhere?  What am I thinking, there is no such thing, is there? That is what Fishy needs, a good home with other Oscars his size.   We are always open to adoption options for our Tigger.


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