Where are the All-Stars?

In baseball the season is divided in half by the All-Star game. In this political season this space we are in now, between the RNC and DNC should be called Purgatory. As I begin to read through the Republican agenda (unlike the gay agenda that I’ve never seen to read), I know the race to the White House is just beginning. My political experience tells me to pay more attention to the Platform than to the Candidates, because no matter what they are going to say during the next 4 months, they will usually follow the Party Platform once elected. There is a lot of reading to do and in less than a week, there will be the DNC platform to peruse as well. At this point I am an “Undecided Voter”. Yet I will vote in November and my decisions to cast that vote will be after I analyze both (and All) Party Platforms.

My life’s journey has always brought me back to the Middle, religiously this labels me a Buddhist. Equality has always been my strongest desire. To be on Equal footing with every other Human who is on that same Equal latitude. I still feel strongly about Equality and always look for representatives who make that a priority too. We are all one human race and we need to work together, remember Work is a dirty and messy affair- yet the end result is always something beautiful.  I am looking for governmental representation which will work for my Equality with the rest of Americans.

What was I thinking? How am I going to find the middle ground in this political season? I seem to be stuck in this dark void while everyone else is pulled to the extremes. Where are the sane voices, the voices of compassion and compromise, ones who will  take the left and the right and come up with a mostly win situation for both? Polarization leads to decent, and decent leads to revolution. Americans have the power for Peaceful Revolution with their Vote. Every 2 years we can elect an entire new House of Representatives to change the way our laws are written. One third of the Senate can be changed too, which isn’t enough for majority power yet. Majority power is needed to get the legislation passed by the House on to the President’s desk for signature (and veto power too). But in two years’ time, another third can be elected out and a two-thirds majority is obtained. It is that simple, if we all Vote. Don’t let either side Silence your Voice this season- The American Republic is at stake.

Equality Collage


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