Getting Mowed Over

A lot of sweat, tears and hard work went in to designing, procuring, implementing and nurturing the Memorial Garden I created for my Mother in May. Every plant has been methodically selected for its capability to endure the Florida seasons (Summer, High Summer, and More Summer), some are even counted among my mother’s favorites. Statuary from her garden now rests within the borders of this sanctuary. My heart sank to see it damaged today by a careless employee of the lawn maintenance service hired to tend the common grounds.  While nothing was physically was broken, my heart was ripped in two.

The past week hasn’t been an easy one. Remember, it was only last Thursday when I had my shining moment with the neighbors. Tensions are running high in my life, just as they are in our country and the world.  Guns are being fired off every day, vehicles are running us down. We have two people running for president that, let’s be honest folks, no one wants either in office.  What was I thinking that we could at least be civil and courteous to those we meet every day? That we would treat each other’s property with the same respect that we’d want ours to be treated.  I’ll admit, a bit of rage slunk in as I saw the concrete scalloped border ransacked in the garden without a care. Instead, I tossed my hands in the air and went inside to tell my family what had transpired outside in the garden during today’s scheduled lawn maintenance.

It took me an hour to clean up their mess. Not only did they run over the border with their riding mower, tire tracks were evident on the recently pressure-washed sidewalk, they also managed to cover the garden mulch and rocks in yard debris. As we are reminded daily it is election season, so in the spirit in which our country was founded, I’ve decided to bring my grievances about this incident to the board of the Home Owners Association.  We live in a society of laws in which we try to govern ourselves, I need only to follow those rules and present my concerns. They need to know the kind of work they are hiring and address these transgressions with the company causing the damage. All politics is local and I’m starting where I can make the most impact. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

New Garden July


One thought on “Getting Mowed Over

  1. I too am in a situation in which my rollercoaster emotions are challenging me and my new goal in life, and in my attempt to be what God wants me to be while in this new phase. One day at a time is a phase that comes close. No matter what happens I will trust that God and His love for me will make each today worth living. So far so good. This is only now, and now is quite enough challenge for me.


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