Politics Have No Relation to Morals – Machiavelli

Having my father back in my life affords me opportunities to interact with him on a new level. We are forging new territories. He and I have political, religious, spiritual and emotionally charged discussions and we always come out knowing the other better. By exploring our diversities, we have learned that our differences aren’t truly many and that most of the differences we can live with. This process has taken love, listening and learning to strengthen our bond as Father and Son. I think we all learn from every path we cross. We have talked a lot about “Love” this summer. Especially as the death tolls continue to rise each week. Too many have died and not just by guns – massive lightning strikes, flash floods and extreme heat have claimed thousands of lives worldwide. Enough to proclaim the summer of 2016 as “The Summer of Death”.

Stopping the senseless killing of innocents needs to be addressed, but we also need to realize that our planet is killing us faster! America’s corporate media glossed over the disastrous floods in China and the UK this summer. The fires that destroyed the Outback in Australia last winter and the winter before that, the typhoon that wiped out the countries of .  .  .   There are now deadly viruses and bacteria that have no cure.  Yet we wage wars with each other instead of working together to combat these truly dangerous events and diseases before the human race is wiped out. Even the US Congress fell short of any quick action in regards to the current Zika epidemic.  Those in power tabled any legislation on prevention and education until the fall, when mosquito season is over! Proving yet again, that our Congress needs New Leadership and this election is the perfect time to make that change. Please, anyone other than who is in office now.

I have always jokingly proclaimed “Re-Elect No-one!” and for the past 8 election cycles, no one has listened. Career politicians still exist in the Senate and the House. It’s going to be a wild and strange Presidential race- Put That Out Of Your Minds, America. Focus on the real power election – Congress! Not just the big D & R ones, look into everyone on your local ballot (Green, Libertarian, Independent- they do exist) Read up on everyone’s platform! Get a head start, because next week the GOP unveils its political direction to the world. Followed quickly by the Democrat’s. All these memes and anger with our fellow friends (FB or not) over the President is Folly. Distracting us from focusing on our country’s best interest. It only works if you Love, Listen, Learn- we ALL Love our country, focus on that as we Listen to each person who wants to represent US in government (VOTE), then Learn to concede when the person you voted for doesn’t get into office (There will be another election in two years). So I was thinking, if Dad and I can learn from each other, so can America.


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