raining cats & dogs

Trevor Noah of the Daily Show on Comedy Central (see Link below-plays after a short advert), tackles the extremes over every topic in our public discourse . He then brings his dialogue to today’s matter of guns and police, all while helping us realize that somewhere in the middle of it all is the answer to our problem, staring at us all along. His first example of this tension is the argument over cats and dogs. Or more precisely, Cat-people v Dog-people.

He has a point. Most people are one or the other, very few are both and even fewer are neither. Similar to the political landscape of America – most are Republican or Democrat, some are Other (Green, Libertarian, or Independent) and fewer have no political thoughts (We’ll talk about voter apathy in a later post). Yet Cat & Dog people get along together very well. When we work, attend events and shop together, we look past our differences in pet choices and get things done or have a good time. What am I thinking that we shouldn’t be this way with all our differences? Keep them at home where they fit in and respect everyone else’s when you are out in the world. Nonetheless, I think it can be that simple.

These new social media platforms in our lives tends to betray the darker side of our humanity. We have all grown to accept that in part our Facebook page (or similar) is who we are, our personal identity. It is an expression of us, but it isn’t everything. This new experience in social interaction has exposed our inner Dogness or Catness to each other. And just like Cats & Dogs we are fighting over it. Trouble is, that fight seems to be bleeding out into the real world. Let’s work together to find the middle ground again.  It’s the only way we can move forward.


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