the art of the possible

Divisions in political philosophies are deep rooted in the founding of our country.  However, it was through compromise that this Country finally United to Declare Independence from England. Today these divisions have stagnated our Federal Government to the point that nothing gets done. Congress is as bogged down as South Florida is with green sludge.  For which the Governor of Florida has blamed the Executive Office of our Federal Government for budget issues which are stalling the US Army Corp of Engineers from acting quickly enough in his declared State of Emergency. What the governor is forgetting and anyone with an Associate’s degree should remember is, Congress controls the purse. By blaming the President the Governor is playing politics.

Everyone blames the current President for the existing situations in the country. No matter when the actions took place or by whom the situation was created, the current President gets the blame. Yet, that same President also gets to set the tone of our country.  The true power in our country is with Congress, our Founding Fathers wanted to make sure that no one person could “rule” this Republic (They had just won independence from one Monarchy, they didn’t want to create another one). Yet we elect our Presidents today and revere them as Kings (and one day Queens).  To what end America?

If Congress has the power, then those elections should be more important. In Florida it has to be decided if Marco Rubio should return to the Senate for another 6 years. Also every member of the House of Representatives is up for re-election (for me that is David Jolly. Or maybe not, depending on what Marco may or may not do).  But we hear no debates, polls or any information about these important races, it’s all about the President. America, what are we thinking? At this time when we celebrate our Independence, we need to realize that our Republic is in trouble. When a branch of government isn’t doing its job, our job is to elect the right representative to do it. From Congress to the State Houses we need to pay attention to all our representatives and elect the ones who will serve our interests. Not Big Business, not Big Finance, not Big Oil, The Country’s Best Interest.


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