Here Comes the Rain Again . . .

Got caught out in one of Florida’s unexpected Midsummer rain-torrents today. The sky was brightly cloudy with many of those puffy cotton-ball shaped clouds that reach to the sky all around (Cumulonimbus). Ezra and I just needed a few items from the grocer, the complete walk around the store lasted about 30 minutes. While stepping into the check-out, we glimpsed out the front window and saw the rain coming down in sheets. Suddenly, lightning flashed and a sonic boom of thunder quickly followed. Interrupting the electricity for a few seconds, flashing the store lights in-between more lightning flashes. “What was I thinking that we’d get out of here before a rainstorm,” I thought to myself.  Yet, through the check-out line and to the front door, the rain had slowed to a light shower. So we marched across the river running through the parking lot to our car, loaded up our bags in the truck and us in the front seats for the 4 mile drive home.

Male residents of Florida should know the basic summer-wear requirements, sandals or flip-flops are the only shoes to be worn, no socks! Always cargo-shorts with a local oyster bar ‘s tee-shirt (any tropical themed shirt will do), while some men will wear a cap sporting their favorite team (college or professional) to cover their unprotected cranium. This way, when struck by a surprise thunderstorm like today, you can simply walk through the lakes, rivers, puddles and ponds created by the event without worrying about shoe damage (sandals dry faster too). During the drive home the rain ranged from a drizzle to a deluge. The clouds opened up more and more until every car driving down the 6-lane highway was traveling a tormenting 10-15 mph. Checking his smartphone, Ezra said the storm was growing over us, not really moving at all.  So I slowed the car down with the crowd – no sense rushing home when it was raining there too.

All that water and guess what we each needed to do as I backed the car into our parking space at home?! As I turned the key to shut off the engine, the skies opened up yet again!! No need for a shower today. This was the first midsummer rain storm for my Memorial Garden. All the plants were thirsty for Mother Nature’s nourishment from the sky. We left the groceries in the car (except for the milk and ice cream we had up front with us). We only had to wait 20 minutes for the sun to be shining again.


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