a new Dad for Father’s Day

This year I got a new Dad for Father’s Day. This is the first time my sister’s and I celebrated dad’s new role in our lives. It’s just dad now and that makes this day even more special.  


To celebrate this new Father’s Day, my sister’s and I gathered at our place for a collaborative effort dinner. I grilled the marinated chicken while Ezra fixed a tasty carrot dish. Cindy brought rosemary and garlic roasted red potatoes and a rice pilaf, Debbie added garlic green beans and Teresa brought the ingredients for a tasty salad. We finished off the dinner with a Butternut-Cream “Father’s Day” cake from our favorite grocer’s bakery. Together we laughed, a lot! So much so a few of us couldn’t catch our breath from the raucous laughter. We enjoyed our new family and made new memories.

Earlier in the week, Dad and I were shopping for clothes (Father’s Day is only one of two times a year when men’s clothes are truly “on sale”). While in the shop we caught glimpse of a young boy, maybe 6 or 8 running through the clothes racks while his father was chasing him down. Seeing that young father and son engaged with each other reminded me of all the things my dad and I have done. While it was my mother who introduced me to the public library, it was my father who inspired the subjects to research. He encouraged me to study the sciences, my fiction reading soon turned to science-fiction and my inquisitive mind opened up to astronomy, music and chemistry.

What was I thinking when I said it was OK to stay while? Sure dad, stay in our guestroom for a bit. Yet, now I have the time to make new memories with him. Currently we are planning a trip to South Carolina next summer for the Solar Eclipse. I’m a lucky man, my father and I have rediscovered our relationship. Now every day is Father’s Day!


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